Living in a lie

from by The Upset



You make up your own history behind a wall of crap
Pretending us to believe those times are left behind
Revisionist deliriums trying to hide what we all know
But we can see through you you're the lowest of the low

You claim to be part of something you have always despised
This is our tradition, there's no chance you'll get it right
You looked down on our ways you have never understood
And now you dare to tell us what is the right thing to do

You're living in a lie
you're living in a lie
you're not fooling anyone
you're living in a lie!

So after years of talking shit and trying to prove us wrong
you claim to be king of a place where you don't belong
Let me tell you something that's not gonna turn out well
you and all your followers can fuck off and go to hell


from S​/​T, released November 12, 2016



all rights reserved


The Upset Barcelona, Spain

They say Oi! ain't dead. Well, it's almost anihilated in this town. So in the month of November of 2013 we decided to form a band and see if it brings some fresh air, or finally puts an end to its misery.

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